Outside Myself

Album Released in March, 2019

Cover Song - A Thousand Years

Released October 06, 2019   Another Wedding request

Melodics for Two Flutes

Released in September, 2019

The Wedding Song

Asked to play at a wedding. Also asked to create a "wedding march" of the not so traditional!  This is the result.

Shimmering Brightly

Song created for my Special Fan, Robert.  Played him an improvisation melody.  What developed is a piece that will be on my next album.

Mysteries of the Moon Re-Mix

Larry Hansen on Flute and Keyboard

Drifting in the Beat

Just drifting in the beat  Larry Hansen on Flute and Keyboard

Heartfelt Strings

Background by Alfred Goodrich from the Clint Goss Backing Track CD

Mi Nuevo Camino

My life is now on a new road!

Hacienda In The Sky

Story of my experience at a hotel in Mexico that caters to the dental patients in Los Algodones, MX.  Starts in relaxation, then the dental appointment, followed by the rest of the afternoon into evening as peace returns. Larry Hansen on Flute and Keyboard

Cali Revisited

Imagine yourself on a pristine beach in California. Seagulls, ocean waves provide the background as you lay back and enjoy!

Roaming in Time

Special thanks to Gilard Perry for full permissions to use his fine guitar and percussion work as the background for this song.

Hot Night Chill

It was a rare summer night where the temp was 100* at 9 pm. Finished the background and realized I had crossed into the genre of Chill. Thus, Hot Night Chill!

Mysteries of the Moon

The title track to the Album - Mysteries of the Moon

Watching Hawk - Live

Hawk is circling above trying to spot the Rattlesnake. The flute is circling above with the Hawk

Love Under the Moon

Larry on the Flute, James Cook background (Off of the Clint Goss Backing Tracks in E

Truth is Freedom in F

I have two versions of this song. The other is in A. The background is done by Clint Goss

Dancing Along the Journey of Joy

This is one of my first songs that I composed in mid 2016. I still enjoy playing this one due to it's upbeat tempo!

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