About Larry

Native American Flute Sounds - Musician and Composer, Larry is adding another path on his journey through life!

Larry walked away from playing music (classical bassoon and other reed instruments) when he graduated High School, to play sports in college. Now, over 48 years later, he finds himself picking up where he left off in music.

The Native American Flute interest began in March of 2014 when he heard the sounds of the Native American Flute while going through a rough patch in his life. Finding solace in the sounds and loving the tonal qualities of these handcrafted musical instruments, he became serious about playing. In September of 2014, Larry purchased his first playable and quality flute.

His original goal was to play for himself. In 2016 he recognized that this Gift from God is to share and that he could bring joy and entertainment to others.

His home studio is completed (mostly). All melodies are original compositions from God to him! Larry has over 70 songs that have been composed.  

He is currently working on additional songs even as he prepares for upcoming shows. Performances are currently being scheduled for 2019 and 2020 . Stay tuned!

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